Search Bar that filters through the seeded data from fetched API

Implement Search Bar seeded with data fetched from API

Having a search bar in your application is a feature that can heighten your application. I will walk through how to implement a search bar using:

Understanding the essential JavaScript Concepts of truthy and falsy values

When we hear the “truthy” and “falsy”, we automatically associate these terms to the boolean context. So what makes them different from the boolean, “true” and “false”? …

Understanding the difference between let, const & var

As a developer, we have are go to variable that we use but really understanding the differences is essential to writing better code.

Variables allow us to declare and assign values. Each variable varies in their usage but they all share the…

Hooks that allow usage of state without class

Hooks give us the ability to use state in “stateless components”, also known as function components. You cannot use hooks in classes.

Hook is a special function that allows us to “hook into” React features.

import React, { useState } from 'react'

We have transformed into the cloud dependent society. If you take a second to reflect on the number of applications that rely on the cloud technologies, it is insurmountable. The iCloud saves and updates data from apple devices. Spotify saves created playlists and allows offline downloads. Office365 and Slack allows…

HackerRank Challenge Day 1

I just completed my first HackerRank challenge. I figured that the first day would not be too challenging with the level marked easy but boy, was I wrong. Thank goodness for Readline module.

Complete the code in the editor below. The variables i, d, and s…

Setting up and authenticating your personal and work accounts

I just completed my first week on the internship post bootcamp. It was a great week and I learned so much but also went through some growing pains, managing and linking my personal and work GitHub account through VS Code.

Oh no, why is my work not being pushed up to my GitHub!?

Grace Yuiko Nakano

Fullstack Software Engineer | Musician | Food Lover | Coffee Addict

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